Born in Zaragoza, in the North of Spain, Begut(/beh/gUt/)-whose sound carries soulful vocals, jazzy arrangements and some hints of the folk music she grew up with, foundshelter in writing songs from her childhood bedroom from the age of twelve. In 2016 she created Begut the Band-atrio ensemblethat soon built a local fanbase and played to an audience of seven thousand people in Plaza del Pilar, Zaragoza’s most emblematicsquare, less than a year after its formation. In 2017, the artist decided to move to London to study songwriting and develop her skills, where she started to write hundreds of songsfrom her small attic apartment. Begut, now 20 years old, is the creative force behind her project and takes active part in every step of the process, from writing to producing to creative visual direction.